Level 2 Diploma in Digital & IT Skills

Designed for a career in Cyber Security, Software Development, Digital, or IT Technical Support.

With IT, Cyber, and Software Development skills in high demand, this 5-week program will set you on the path to a fulfilling career in Technology.

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What You Will Learn

Gain valuable technical, practical skills, and knowledge desired by employers.

You start here. Gaining a wide variety of digital skills and receiving an industry-recognized Level 2 accreditation. Upon completion, you’ll be perfectly placed to progress onto one of our digital pathways or move into full-time employment.

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Adult Learning, Special Education Needs & Career Support

Our Training Programmes focus on making candidates employable.

Our Career Support team have worked with candidates from all different backgrounds, to hone their skills and make sure they are fully equipped for their chosen career.

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Essential Digital Skills Training

Here are some common topics that are often covered in essential digital skills training:

Topic Description
Basic Computer Skills This includes fundamental skills such as using a computer, keyboard shortcuts, and understanding operating systems (e.g., Windows or macOS).
Internet Navigation Teaching individuals how to use web browsers, search engines, and navigate websites effectively and safely.
Email Communication Covering the basics of setting up and using email accounts, sending and receiving emails, and understanding email etiquette.
Online Safety Educating participants about internet safety, including recognizing and avoiding online threats like phishing scams, malware, and identity theft.
Using Office Software Introduction to office software suites like Microsoft Office or Google Workspace, including word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.
Social Media Awareness Providing guidance on using social media platforms responsibly and securely, including privacy settings and understanding social media etiquette.
Online Shopping and Banking Teaching how to make secure online transactions, use online banking services, and shop safely online.
Digital Citizenship Promoting responsible and ethical behavior online, including issues related to online bullying, cyberbullying, and digital etiquette.
Digital Access and Inclusion Ensuring that digital skills training is accessible to everyone, including individuals with disabilities or those from underserved communities.
Digital Problem Solving Developing problem-solving skills related to common digital issues and errors that users may encounter.
Digital Health and Wellbeing Addressing the impact of digital technology on mental and physical health, including screen time management and digital detox strategies.
Job Seeking and Career Development Providing guidance on using online resources for job searching, creating digital resumes, and improving employability through online courses and networking.

These skills are essential in today's digital age and can help individuals thrive in various career paths.


Open to all adults aged 19+ in the Greater London area.

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